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Great design is about balance and harmony, which are the keys to a productive and healthy lifestyle. We design our client's home to reflect their taste, style, family history, travels, accomplishments and joyful experiences. This is achieved by specifying functional, durable finishes and furnishings designed for comfort. Decoration incorporates color and design details that express the personality of family members. Providing ample storage to keep everyone organized is another priority.

If one single element such as color, style or scale is out of balance the space can be physically discomforting. You cannot relax in that room but you're not sure why. You can't rest if your furniture or bedding throws your body out of alignment. If you are spending time trying to find your paperwork, tools or clothing you won't be productive. From humble abodes to elegant estates, we work closely with our clients to create an organized, harmonious environment where they can rest, entertain and enjoy life.

Having a sanctuary enhances the family’s productivity, health and well being. At Hearth & Hedgerow all of these life essentials are carefully balanced with the budget and financial management of the project.