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Universal design is not just for individuals with a disability.  The ideal is that home design or commercial design should provide function and comfort for occupants of various age, height, and ability.

 In commercial spaces the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) legislates requirements for accessibility.  There are minimum specifications for building entry, public restroom layout and many other stipulations.  Excellent design can and should go beyond that.  A large office must incorporate adjustable seating to allow individual to optimize their body alignment while working at a desk.    A public children’s play space should feature child size furnishings as well as comfortable seating for the parents.

 For the home, kitchen design and the bath are two key areas where universal design is often integrated.  In the kitchen multiple height counters can provide comfortable workspaces for a tall husband, a short wife and a height that allows children to assist with meal preparation. For wheelchair access, a counter with kneehole space should also be incorporated.  In the bath a curbless shower can be installed for universal accessibility.  Beautiful tile and attractive finishes are utilized to create a finished installation that looks like it belongs in a spa.  The list of details to consider for universal design throughout the home is extensive; door widths, outlet heights, flooring transitions, lighting for the aging eye and more.  Our design solutions create beautiful spaces that address these concerns.