2014 Bucks County Designer House & Gardens

BCDH Concept BoardWe have been very busy creating a “Nanny’s Retreat” for the design house.

Inspired by the British television drama Downton Abbey, this room will combine Edwardian era style with contemporary trends to create a modern interpretation of early 20th Century staff housing. Great houses and country estates of the time required a full complement of domestic workers to maintain the household. Servant quarters allowed the staff to reside at the estate and were furnished in a simple, functional style. Senior staff members – such as Downton’s butler Mr. Carson or housekeeper Mrs. Hughes – were afforded a few extra comforts. The Nanny was also a senior staff position.

Metal beds were a design staple along with a straight back chair, and perhaps a surface for letter writing. This Nanny’s room will incorporate the basics along with some of the more luxurious appointments found in Mrs. Hughes’ office at Downton such as a comfortable chair for reading, and a spot for a cup of tea.

Updating these Edwardian era hallmarks with touches of Bohemian Gypsy and Industrial Chic trends makes this space perfect for a cozy guest room, reading retreat, or craft area in any 21st Century home.

We have two more weeks to complete this intriguing space.  We hope you’ll come out to see the finished project!  Tours begin April 27th and continue through May 31st.  Tickets are $25.00 per person.  If you purchase tickets before April 25th they are $20.00 per person.





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