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Contemporary Bath

Curb Free Accessible Shower

Barrier Free Shower

In a small bathroom it's difficult to achieve the defined gradient for a barrier free shower. Through research we found a unique, shower pan product designed to solve the problem.  The Hansgrohe hand shower is placed on an adjustable bar making it possible to shower in a seated or standing position. The thermostatic shower control features an anti-scald safety stop to protect against water scalding. The shower controls are placed at the shower entrance. This allows the water temperature and flow to be properly adjusted before immersing body parts in the water.  Decorative grab bar, and removable bench were incorporated to create an accessible design.

Numerous design techniques were employed to visually expand the small space.  Patterned tile creates an accent wall for the shower, then flows out and across the floor pushing the walls outward.  The rest of the tile is a large format in a soft ivory and the walls were painted to match, this creates a simplified backgound.  Shower partitions are frameless glass which keeps the sight lines open. A wall mounted vanity increases the visible floor space.