Designer Secrets & Sources: J C Woodworking and Reclaimed Relics

Roadside signage, rustic, barn beams, wagon, J C Woodworking
J C Woodworking – Unique Roadside Sign
Open sign, reclaimed lumber, antique flooring, Barn siding, barn beams, architectural antiques, tin, slate, industrial antiques, antique brick, reclaimed stone, primitive antiques, Jay's oddities
J C Woodworking List of Treasures

The J C Woodworking showroom is like an amazing candy store for architects, interior designers, and property owners. These exceptional materials and some imagination can be combined to create rustic furniture, quirky accessories or to design a truly unique space!

Reclaimed lumber, barnwood, wood flooring
J C Woodworking Reclaimed Lumber Warehouse
Tobacco Sticks in an old wood barrel.
Tobacco Sticks – A Favorite Component for Decorating Projects



Reclaimed lumber in a vast array of wood species is just the beginning. Tobacco sticks are my favorite, and in a future post I will show you how I used them in a few design projects.




Vintage cut nails
Rusty Nails

You can find vintage doorknobs, rusty cut nails, stained glass windows and Gothic railing salvaged from churches. Relics include a vintage GE fan and organ pipes. The showroom and out buildings house all these treasures and many more!

Vintage hardware, ceramic knobs, crystal knobs, wood knobs
Vintage Door Knobs and Locks





Vintage Fan, Electric,
A Vintage General Electric Fan






Salvaged church window, Gothic, Stained glass
Gothic Style Stained Glass Window



I first met the proprietors Jay and Ricki Chaikin when I was searching for a cabinet to use in an Art Deco – Mid Century Modern Kitchen. There were unusual specifications the piece needed to meet. By chance, the TV was left on the National Geographic Channel and a show called “oAbandned” started playing. Jay and his team visit buildings that have been abandoned for some time, looking for objects to reclaim. They were filming an episode at the Pabst Brewery in Wisconsin. They found a doctors instrument cabinet in the infirmary. I began tracking down the piece to see if it was still available. It turned out that their business; Reclaimed Relics is right here in Pennsylvania.


carved wood, Gothic, Gallery wall, church mezzanine
Gothic Style Wood Railing

Jay salvaged many rare items and artifacts from all the extraordinary places included on the show, Abandoned.  He was also featured with his team on another show called Restoration Wild where they renovated or built spaces using reclaimed materials. Over time Reclaimed Relics and J C Woodworking has developed a reputation as the place to contact for buying and selling reclaimed materials. This results in an inventory that is always changing.

Glass Bottle, Stoneware Jug, Brick Wall, J C Woodworking, Feed Sack, Brass Rail,
Vintage Jugs, Bottles and Feed Sacks
Wagon table, glass top table, display table, rustic coffee table
Handcrafted Display Coffee Table

Jay is also an artist and craftsman who will repurpose salvaged items to create furnishings and art installations. My favorite is his wall display depicting a fish and tackle forged from peculiar components.



Fish, Hooks, Lures, Water spigot
An Art Installation by J C Woodworking

They are located on Route 313 between Doylestown and Quakertown.  Visit their website for address and business hours. Happy Trails!

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