Malvern Cottage Addition

Curb Appeal
Charming Traditional Cottage

The bathroom in this charming cottage is original, and the impetus for this renovation.

Old fixtures spring a few leak over the years and the sink or tub may overflow a few times. Eventualy that water stresses the plywood subfloor and plumbing fixtures wear out.  A remodeling project becomes more than a desire to decorate our surroundings. It’s an opportunity to put in modern fixtures that are eco friendly and done right the renovation preserves the integrity of the structure.

Aging in place is a future goal so moving the laundry facilities up from the basement and an accessible design are major project requirements. The client had seen work we had done at her friend’s home and she loved the barrier free showers.

Backyard View
Beautiful View from a Malvern Cottage

Possibly the most important project goal is to take advantage of the view behind the house and let the sun shine in. These are the design considerations that transform a house into a home that nurtures well being!



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    1. Thanks Addie – That was indeed a delightful project! Have to post the finished photos. Very busy starting the next big project. How are you?

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